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Nate Burbeck is an artist from Minneapolis, Minnesota.

My paintings consist of large panoramic landscapes depicting isolated moments of the surreal within the context of contemporary culture. These scenes aim to explore and externalize the psychological underpinnings of American society and to question perceptions of reality. My interest is in revealing America as a social landscape and also to reflect an internal space. The placement of fantastical or dreamlike elements in these narratives creates tension between what is familiar and what is distinctively surreal.


Photos from NDCA’s Troyd Geist from BLOCH’s public debut in North Dakota at last week’s Downtown Fargo Street Fair.

To learn more about BLOCH, a traveling global art project from Swiss artists Com&Com making its North American debut in North Dakota, visit http://www.bloch23781.com and/or check out our ongoing coverage over at our Storify.


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Artists have been working feverishly on BLOCH, a traveling global art project, since it arrived in North Dakota a few weeks ago. And now, BLOCH will be making its public debut at the downtown Street Fair. Look for it—you can’t miss it—in the US Bank Plaza. More details and ongoing coverage of BLOCH’s North Dakota travels here.

What is Meredith Lynn’s new series, “Elkhorn Ranch,” all about? And what exactly does a book artist *do*? We asked Meredith to tell us. More details are yours over at the blog.

Meredith Lynn shows the book she created for her upcoming TMI Hospitality residency. Full writeup and video over at the blog.

Meredith Lynn shows the book she created for her upcoming TMI Hospitality residency. Full writeup and video over at the blog.


The Amazingly complex Digital Mosaics of Charis Tsevis

Charis Tsevis is an award winning visual designer living and working in Athens,Greece.
He holds a Diploma of Graphic Design from the Akademie fur das Grafishe Gewerbe, Munchen and a Master in Visual Design from the Scuola Politecnica di Design, Milano. He manages a modest studio by the name of Tsevis Visual Design in Athens serving clients all over the world.

Athens-based visual designer Charis Tsevis has created this cool series of editorial illustrations. It is no surprise that his mosaic portraits have been featured in various publications around the world.

Charis studied advertising and design in Milan and Athens and now teaches Typography and Editorial Design at the AKTO College of Art and Design in Greece. You can see more of his work on his website or on Behance. Txt Via

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Former Minnesota State University art professor and artist Lila Hauge Stoffel painted this for the BLOCH ND project.

The depicts the travels of BLOCH thus far and includes North Dakota/North America. Turtle Mountain is represented at the top with the mountain and the turtle. The flags of the USA, Canada, and Mexico are included as well as the Geographical Center of North America monument in Rugby, ND.

Read our ongoing coverage of BLOCH, a traveling global art project by Swiss artists Com&Com currently making its way across North Dakota, here.

Kent Kapplinger (light blue shirt) and Eric Johnson collaborate on a print in the NDSU print making studio.

Both Kapplinger and Johnson work extensively with the Printmaking Education And Research Studio (PEARS), a program that gives artists and educators in the region an opportunity to work with visiting artists from across the world and develop print making skills. Read our story here.


"I believe that every human being has an understanding of art." —Thomas Hirschhorn

Introducing ART21’s new broadcast season—Season 7—premiering October 24 on PBS (in the U.S.). Season 7 features artists Tania Bruguera, Abraham Cruzvillegas, Leonardo Drew, Omer Fast, Thomas Hirschhorn, Elliott Hundley, Katharina Grosse, Graciela Iturbide, Joan Jonas, Wolfgang Laib, Trevor Paglen, and Arlene Shechet.

WATCH: Trailer for Season 7 of ART21 Art in the Twenty-First Century

IMAGES: Production stills from ART21 Art in the Twenty-First Century, Season 7. © ART21, Inc. 2014.