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Kehinde Wiley’s (Hi-Fructose Vol. 29) opulent portraiture subtly stirs the status quo. As an American artist, Wiley honed his craft in accordance with a legacy of Euro-centric art history that left him simultaneously awed and alienated. One would be hard-pressed to find a grandiose portrait of a person of color in the works of the Renaissance masters in the Met or the Louvre. This is the motivating factor of Wiley’s oeuvre: to elevate images of average people of African descent through his ornate depictions, exposing the singular beauty of his subjects through dramatic compositions that evoke the Baroque period.

While he started out this aesthetic exploration by scouting subjects in major US cities, Wiley’s art has taken him all over the world to work with people of the global African diaspora. His latest series, “The World Stage: Haiti” is currently on view at Roberts & Tilton Gallery in Culver City and features 12 new paintings based on his recent travels. Read more on Hi-Fructose


The votes are in. The people of Scotland have chosen to remain in the United Kingdom. To mark the historic occasion, a wee reminder of what the Scots have contributed to classical music is in order.

If It’s Not Scottish … Classical Contributions Of The Scots


(via Prehistoric Australian Rock Art in Danger of Serious Deterioration)

Australia’s Aboriginal cave art is at risk of disappearance within 50 years, according to an expert quoted in the Guardian‘s recent investigation of the threats facing the prehistoric art. The risks are reportedly manifold — from vibrations arising from mining operations to feral animals and graffiti — with insufficient government resources deployed to preserve the estimated 100,000 rock art sites.


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Anyone want to send us some tutorial GIFs to share?


Anyone want to send us some tutorial GIFs to share?

Whenever big sporting events pop up, we often rack our brains to try to find a way to include the arts in the conversation. This week, such a thing fell right into our lap. Fiber artist Barb Nicholson will have this Bison quilt on display at Nichole’s Fine Pastry Thursday through Saturday along with several more of her quilts.

There’s plenty else going on in the next week, art-wise (we’re not quite up to snuff on the sports stuff, guys; sorry). Check out our Week Ahead post to see.


Harry Holland


Waiting Room

Stairs II

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Photos from a story I shot for The New York Times: